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commission status: open!
payment status:free & fee!

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Payment Methods:
- CashApp
- Venmo
- PayPal
- Nitro
- IDV wishlist
- Amazon wishlist
- Smurf Acc’s ONLY IDV NA/EU (sometimes)
Payment Transactions:
Payment done at beginning or in the middle/during, whichever is preferable for the client! payment in both is acceptable!

situational, however if the product is completely finished i likely will not refund.
I can decline any commissions i see fit, and will likely not cancel a commission during the time. There is no set duration of guaranteed time for me to finish commissions, all i ask for is patience. Please credit me whenever possible or publicly shared, examples for requests are appreciated! if there are no examples listed then i will show in dms! tips are welcomed<3


Important Notice!

Will NOT Do!
• Hunter x Survivor romantically
• Bigotry
• Anything Heavily Problematic

Hi i’m Drid and i’m disabled| 19 | they/them | Afrasian Arab |

Account Edits

Identity V:
[ Skins ]
1-15 • 5.00USD
16-30 • 10.00USD
40+ • 15.00USD
100+ •20.00USD
[ Accessories ]
0.50 each
Genshin Impact:
[ Smurf Account ]
[ Average Account ]
9x5 = 10-15.00USD
[ Whale Account ]
10x5+ = 15-20.00USD
Account Size Dependable
around 10.00USD
Add-On’s Free!
Cookie Run:
Account Size Dependable
Add On’s Free!
Sky.Children Of Light:
5.00! Any Size! Add-On’s Free!

Extra Info:
Skull Girls Edits, and MLBB Edits, range from 5-20 (negotiable), no reference/base art will cost extra, anything made from scratch will cost extra.

Picture Edits

Size Dependent!
5-10.00USD each!
Simple Examples Below! Tap it!

Video Edits

Price Dependent Factors: video length, picture/art count (only applies for longer edits), and personally made animations.
30seconds = 5.00USD
1:00-1:30 = 7.00USD
2mins+ = 10.00USD
animations = 2.00 each
Examples given in dms, press the butterflies for more!

Velocity Edits

Length matters and can add to price!
Examples in dms!


Full Body:
each comes in base colors only
[ Additional fees ]
5-10.00USD • per additional person
5.00USD • for details!
3.00USD • detailed background
Half Body:
each comes in detail automatically!
[ Additional fees ]
2-3.00USD • per additional person
1.00USD • detailed background
all details are free!
[ Additional fees ]
0.50USD • per additional person
Tiny Art:
additional people free!
all details free!
Comic Stripes:
5.00USD in full!
everything else about it is free!
Pride Flag backgrounds are free!
WIP and Finished Examples below!
[ more will be added soon! ]